About Us …

We are a family run business in the heart of County Meath, The Snailbox beautifully combines old world rustic charm with a contemporary feel, yet relaxed, homely atmosphere.
We are renowned for our restaurant and solid reputation for great food made from local produce, all served in a very welcoming and charming setting with stunning views of County Meath and surrounding Dublin. We have a traditional Irish bar which features live music and entertainment on weekends and great craic seven nights a week. We offer accommodation also and are situated close to many great attractions including, Newgrange, The Hill of Tara, Slane Castle and Tayto Park just to mention a few. We have a private dinning room which is also used for conferences and events.

The history of The Snailbox and how it got it’s unusual name

Thousands of people have asked us over the years how the Snailbox got it’s name, so here is the story that has been passed down from our local historians.
Where the original premises stood was common ground, and in 1846, a man travelling the road, by the name of James Clark , a hedge school teacher known locally as Jem ,who carried his home on his back , decided to set up this home on the piece of common ground . Over a period of time he built a wall around his home, from local stone, which can still be seen on the Premises to this day .As time went on the local landowners tried to have him removed from the commonage ,but failed. Eventually they took a court action against him, but the judge of the day ruled , that like a snail and his box who carries his home on his back, wherever he decides to stop shall be his home.

And so Jem was left there

The history of our Hat Collection

Our story starts with one man named Smythy, a previous owner and legend of the Snailbox. Smythy forgot his hat one evening leaving it on the bar counter where it miraculously appeared on the ceiling the next day, never to be returned to him. This hat was the start of our baseball hat collection, and is still displayed proudly among our thousands of hats today. We at the Snailbox are so honored to be the home of the most hats individually donated by our customers from all over the world who visit us on a regular basis. Our collection holds more than 5,500 hats and it continues to grow each day. We are always looking to add to our collection and want you to become part of it. In return for the hat you donate we will give you a famous Snailbox cap to wear with pride.

Welcome to The Snailbox, Kilmoon, Ashbourne, Co. Meath …

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