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Chefs Cheese Board- is the perfect selection for sharing!! €9.95

A delightful and delicious cheese selection of:

Cashel Blue

Red Cheddar Cheese



Accompanied by Ballymaloe Country Relish, Pitted olives, juicy fresh grapes & savoury crackers

Chocolate Fudge Cake €6.95

Moist, rich and delicious made with finest Belgian chocolate served with freshly whipped vanilla ice cream

              Seasoned Fruit Salad €5.95

Fresh, healthy, refreshing simple & delicious, served with freshly whipped vanilla ice-cream

Apple Pie €6.95

Made with Armagh Bramley Apples and real irish butter

Served with custardand whipped vanilla ice-cream

Baileys Cheesecake €6.95

Full of creamy cheese with a sweet Baileys Flavour

which gives the wow factor

served with whipped ice-cream

 Jelly & Ice-Cream €5.95

Everybody loves jelly!

Served in a tall glass and topped with whipped vanilla ice-cream

  Our Famous Snailbox Ice-Cream Selection


Enjoy these home-made ice-cream delights in the Summer or Winter.

They are a hit with both adults & children!

Freshly whipped vanilla ice-cream mixed with smarties, maltesers & topped with a chocolate flake

Served with your choice of sauce




 All our sauces are made daily in our Snailbox kitchen


 Snailbox Fruit Ice-Cream €6.25

How Refreshing!

Tasty house whipped ice-cream, mixed with a cocktail of peaches, pineapple, mandarins covered in strawberry & raspberry puree


Liqueur Ice-Cream Selection

A nice combination of ice-cream and a naughty mix of liqueur!

Crème de Menthe Ice-Cream Delight  €6.75

Freshly whipped vanilla ice-cream laced with Crème de Menthe  & dusted with flake crumble


    Baileys Ice-Cream Delight     €6.75

Freshly whipped vanilla ice-cream laced with Baileys Cream Liqueur & dusted with chocolate flakes


 Rum & Raisin Ice-Cream Delight  €6.75

Freshly whipped vanilla ice-cream infused with Rum liqueur and raisins & topped with flake crumble



 Selection of Finely Roasted Coffees

Americano €2.75

White Coffee  €2.85

 Cappuccino     €2.85

   Double Espresso €2.75

 Café Latte    €2.95

 Café Mocha   €3.20

If you prefer to have one of our coffees made with caffeine free coffee please let us know!


Hot Chocolate    €3.20

Smooth, rich chocolate drink, made with hot milk, topped with foamed milk & mini marshmallows


Selection of Teas

Pot of Traditional Irish Tea    €2.65

Can be enjoyed morning or evening

Green Tea (caffeine free)   €2.65

Known as the health tea, its many health benefits includes high level of antioxidants

Peppermint Tea (caffeine free)   €2.65

A light tea usually enjoyed after a meal, to aid digestion

Camomille Tea (caffeine free) €2.65

A wonder tea for relaxation


 Specialist Coffees

For extra indulgence, enjoy one of our liqueur coffees!

Irish Coffee      €7.75

Coffee with a nice drop of Irish Whiskey topped with whipped cream

 French Coffee    €7.95

Coffee with a good hint of Brandy topped with whipped cream

 Baileys Coffee   €7.95

Rich velvety Baileys Cream Liqueur mixed with coffee & topped with whipped cream

 Russian Coffee   €7.75

Coffee and Vodka topped with whipped cream

Calypso Coffee   €7.75

Coffee mixed with Tia Maria and topped with whipped cream

 Amaretto Coffee   €7.75

Coffee and Amaretto liqueur finished with whipped cream

 Jamaican Coffee   €7.75

Coffee & Jamaican Rum topped with whipped cream


 Selection of Liqueurs

 A perfect after dinner treat

Crème de Menthe   €4.55

 Cointreau €4.55

 Malibu €4.55

 Grand Marnier €4.55

Baileys  €5.10

 Tia Maria  €4.55

 Irish Mist €4.60

 Sambucca €4.55


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